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HF Radio setup - HAM station HA7SIM/MM

This system was inspired by Géza Szabó (alias Rotorman - HA5RTR). I first heard from Géza that it is possible to send and receive emails by HF radio. I use this setup on a daily basis when I am at sea to load shipslog onto the website. The system is based on Winlink, an amateur radio network operated by HAM operators around the world. The use of Winlink is free of charge. For using Winlink you need to have a HAM licence and a callsign. Alternatively, the Sailmail system can be used with the ships callsign, this service has an annual usage fee.

System performance (data bandwidth of digital HF connection) depends on many factors, geographic location, propagation (ionization of atmospheric layers), HF radio output level. In a typical setting I would be 600-1500 kilometers away from one of the Winlink ground stations. My experience is that once a good quality connection is established, about 100 byte/sec data transfer speed is possible with my PTC IIe, Pactor 2 protocol modem. This allows to transer limited amount of pure text data - no images.

Using a more modern modem (Pactor 3 protocol) the transfer speed is many times higher, even images can be sent and received.

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This is a sailing blog. My name is Máté, I am a Hungarian sailor. Since 2006, as my time and money allows, I engage in cruising adventures on the waters of Europe, with my small boat, the Glatisant. This site is about these journeys.
I hope You will enjoy looking around on my website.

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