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Monday, 18.04.2011

I progressed a little today to 10 San Vito Lo Capo, 10 miles away. We visited the place with Benedek previously by car, that time i looked into the price list of one of the pontoons (3 sailing clubs in the bay) and I saw a shocking 50 euros daily fee. Therefore this time I headed towards the other club, and here I payed only 15, very lucky!
San Vito Lo Capo has a very different atmosphere, the whole place is flat and sandy, there is a... (continue)

Sunday, 17.04.2011

Continued my home-based work and finished it as promised. I replaced the oil in the Selva, as specified in its manual, after the first 10 hours of use.
During the day I met Damiano, owner of the Grey Bear. As I learned, the Grey Bear is one of the 3 T-Boat-s, designed and built by Ernesto Tross, a legendary Italian traveller, adventurer, designer and artist.
I have found an article on the building of the White Bear, which we have... (continue)

Saturday, 16.04.2011

Today I have received storage prices from Cagliari, it looks OK. The weather is still changing, the westerlies take up quite often, slowly turning to northerly, still gusty.
I washed my clothes and cleaned the boat. Besides, most of the day I was working for my home-based project, to earn money. I need to be back home soon.
By Monday the weather will clear and the wind will turn easterly, so I will depart then.
Position:... (continue)

Friday, 15.04.2011

My current voyage is approaching to its end. Works waiting for me at home. I wanted to get much-much farther, but replacing the engine consumed my time and money. I will return sometime end of summer and continue westward, perhaps with a crew so it will be much faster.
Dropped Benedek at the airport at 5:30 then visited Trapani to see storage possibilities. I want to cross to Sardegne and arrange a storage in Cagliary, but Trapani is OK... (continue)

Thursday, 14.04.2011

Benedek flies home tomorrow. In the local autorent we found a Panda for 30 per day, so we took it. I can drive Benedek to the airport tomorrow morning (by 5:30!) and today we can drive around a bit. I have work to do for one of my home-based projects so I stop until Monday.
We started in Scopello, a tuna fishing harbor and warehouse. The anchor of the old boats are still here, the old building serves as an antique-styled little hotel. The... (continue)

Wednesday, 13.04.2011

Early morning really strong gusts started to hit the boat. Looking out we could see the clouds leaving the mountaintops really fast, a strong northwesterly arrived. Rearranged the lines while we measured a 40 knots gust, we stay today.
During the day we made an excursion in the area, walked to Scapello to see the interesting rocky formations.
Returning to the boat I again prepared kalamari. We noticed a very interesting boat made... (continue)

Tuesday, 12.04.2011

Leaving Palermo Aquasanta we admired the two racing boats on the shore. These are former America's cup racing boats, named +39, the international country code for Italy.
Most of the day we had a breeze from the nose so the Selva contuniued to be tested. Done well! I made a picture of the throttle, at the speed of 4.5 knots, obvious that the engine is using just a small fraction of all its power.
Cruising near Palermo airport about... (continue)

Monday, 11.04.2011

We left Cefalú at 8:30 am. I arrived here 19 days ago, I feel like a local. Originally, we had a plan to take one day off from the boat and travel to Milazzo by train, and then take the hydrofoil and then, finally climb the Stromboli. Now Benedek is still ill, and now I really fell like going on, so we gave up the plan.
We set off with great curiosity how would the Selva behave on the console. It was actually doing quite good! Far less than... (continue)

Sunday, 10.04.2011

The morning we made a major sourcing, visited the city and bought a lot of food and 12 litres of fuel. The bike helped a lot!
Returning to the boat we drilled the final holes for the console, added a little sikaflex for sealing, and tightened the screws. The console looked OK. Then we mounted the Selva, connected the fuel line and pulled the starting line a few times and started to sing, gently, silently...what a music!
We... (continue)

Saturday, 09.04.2011

The console needs a strong support at the aft of the boat so I climbed inside the lazarette and made the dirty work with resin and fiberglass to reinforce the rear part of the boat. After finishing I realized it could have been three times thicker and bigger, but we'll see what happens with this. Later we can still reinforce it.
Until the polyester hardened we rowed with the Zodiac to the rock which are really beautiful.
Tomorrow we... (continue)

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This is a sailing blog. My name is Máté, I am a Hungarian sailor. Since 2006, as my time and money allows, I engage in cruising adventures on the waters of Europe, with my small boat, the Glatisant. This site is about these journeys.
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