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Sunday, 01.05.2011

Parked the boat in Cagliari, Marina di Sant'Elmo. The cold front, which I was afraid of before the crossing, arrived just one day after my arrival. It stayed for a few days. Then, the weather cleared and I made my final leg to Cagliari, in fresh force 5 eastern wind, a beautiful end.
The harbor is getting to be full of life it is season now. Fair winds!
I now go, there are things to do at home. My little blue can have a rest... (continue)

Saturday, 23.04.2011

The shipslog is coming to its end, I stop the journey. Regular kind readers, if you are interested to know when the next adventure starts (and the next shipslog), I can notify you in email, if you wish. For this, please send me an email to this address: 'glatisant (at) glatisant dot hu', with a subject 'shipslog'. So when another sailing journey and the blog restarts, I will send out an email about it. And thank you for the kind... (continue)

Friday, 22.04.2011

Villasimius is a huge Holiday resort, with less historic parts, mostly new apartmenent and business buildings. The main attractions here are the beaches, in summer it is crowded with a lot of tourists. The atmosphere of the city is based on this effect, there is really little charm, but a lot of trendy shops all around, well, not my world, this time.
The marina is a sad place, huge, a lot of luxury yachts, and the sailing people here,... (continue)

Thursday, 21.04.2011

Wednesday evening I heard the new forecast on VHF, southeast 4 and then 7. The 7 I did not like that much, but at least it carries me quick to the destination.
The night passed calmly, the breeze and the Selva made us progress over 5 knots. Then in the morning the wind arrived. First I stopped the engine and used only the sails, then I lowered the main, used only the jib, finally I changed it to the stormjib.
By 10 in the morning... (continue)

Wednesday, 20.04.2011

Woke up early in the morning and checked the meteo. I changed the plan immediately, I must go now! A cold front appeared over the Iberian peninsula, I must get to Sardegne before it would come closer. And the wind forecast is ideal also. Anyway, I could not look around in Favignana too much relaxed, my thoughts would be around the crossing, i guess. Better to leave now.
Therefore at 8 I dropped the lines and set off.
The wind was... (continue)

Tuesday, 19.04.2011

This morning it was wonderful sailing weather. I sailed all the way until Trapani. Then the wind eased and I started the Selva.
By 5 in the afternoon I arrived to Favignana. The island is really charming. There is no fancy feeling here, all is very friendly and human. It has a special style.
Right after arrival I procured fuel to fill up my stocks for the crossing and looked around. the forecast says southeasterly winds for the... (continue)

Monday, 18.04.2011

I progressed a little today to 10 San Vito Lo Capo, 10 miles away. We visited the place with Benedek previously by car, that time i looked into the price list of one of the pontoons (3 sailing clubs in the bay) and I saw a shocking 50 euros daily fee. Therefore this time I headed towards the other club, and here I payed only 15, very lucky!
San Vito Lo Capo has a very different atmosphere, the whole place is flat and sandy, there is a... (continue)

Sunday, 17.04.2011

Continued my home-based work and finished it as promised. I replaced the oil in the Selva, as specified in its manual, after the first 10 hours of use.
During the day I met Damiano, owner of the Grey Bear. As I learned, the Grey Bear is one of the 3 T-Boat-s, designed and built by Ernesto Tross, a legendary Italian traveller, adventurer, designer and artist.
I have found an article on the building of the White Bear, which we have... (continue)

Saturday, 16.04.2011

Today I have received storage prices from Cagliari, it looks OK. The weather is still changing, the westerlies take up quite often, slowly turning to northerly, still gusty.
I washed my clothes and cleaned the boat. Besides, most of the day I was working for my home-based project, to earn money. I need to be back home soon.
By Monday the weather will clear and the wind will turn easterly, so I will depart then.
Position:... (continue)

Friday, 15.04.2011

My current voyage is approaching to its end. Works waiting for me at home. I wanted to get much-much farther, but replacing the engine consumed my time and money. I will return sometime end of summer and continue westward, perhaps with a crew so it will be much faster.
Dropped Benedek at the airport at 5:30 then visited Trapani to see storage possibilities. I want to cross to Sardegne and arrange a storage in Cagliary, but Trapani is OK... (continue)

Thursday, 14.04.2011

Benedek flies home tomorrow. In the local autorent we found a Panda for 30 per day, so we took it. I can drive Benedek to the airport tomorrow morning (by 5:30!) and today we can drive around a bit. I have work to do for one of my home-based projects so I stop until Monday.
We started in Scopello, a tuna fishing harbor and warehouse. The anchor of the old boats are still here, the old building serves as an antique-styled little hotel. The... (continue)

Wednesday, 13.04.2011

Early morning really strong gusts started to hit the boat. Looking out we could see the clouds leaving the mountaintops really fast, a strong northwesterly arrived. Rearranged the lines while we measured a 40 knots gust, we stay today.
During the day we made an excursion in the area, walked to Scapello to see the interesting rocky formations.
Returning to the boat I again prepared kalamari. We noticed a very interesting boat made... (continue)

Tuesday, 12.04.2011

Leaving Palermo Aquasanta we admired the two racing boats on the shore. These are former America's cup racing boats, named +39, the international country code for Italy.
Most of the day we had a breeze from the nose so the Selva contuniued to be tested. Done well! I made a picture of the throttle, at the speed of 4.5 knots, obvious that the engine is using just a small fraction of all its power.
Cruising near Palermo airport about... (continue)

Monday, 11.04.2011

We left Cefalú at 8:30 am. I arrived here 19 days ago, I feel like a local. Originally, we had a plan to take one day off from the boat and travel to Milazzo by train, and then take the hydrofoil and then, finally climb the Stromboli. Now Benedek is still ill, and now I really fell like going on, so we gave up the plan.
We set off with great curiosity how would the Selva behave on the console. It was actually doing quite good! Far less than... (continue)

Sunday, 10.04.2011

The morning we made a major sourcing, visited the city and bought a lot of food and 12 litres of fuel. The bike helped a lot!
Returning to the boat we drilled the final holes for the console, added a little sikaflex for sealing, and tightened the screws. The console looked OK. Then we mounted the Selva, connected the fuel line and pulled the starting line a few times and started to sing, gently, silently...what a music!
We... (continue)

Saturday, 09.04.2011

The console needs a strong support at the aft of the boat so I climbed inside the lazarette and made the dirty work with resin and fiberglass to reinforce the rear part of the boat. After finishing I realized it could have been three times thicker and bigger, but we'll see what happens with this. Later we can still reinforce it.
Until the polyester hardened we rowed with the Zodiac to the rock which are really beautiful.
Tomorrow we... (continue)

Friday, 08.04.2011

The well concept is thrown away, for the moment. We install a console to the aft of the boat. First thing in the morning we made a trial, whether we can lift the back of the boat ourselves enough, to make the area of the well rise above the waterline. It is critical, because after the hull is cut, be need to apply epoxy to the cut surface, otherwise, untreated, the fibreglass will absorb water, and can weaken the lamination at the bottom of the... (continue)

Thursday, 07.04.2011

My fittings ara prepared! I visited Valentino, the inox master around noon, in Palermo, the fittings are relly nice, I was asking how much to pay. Big smile. Valentino torn off two small pieces of paper, wrote something onto both, then threw them into a small bucket, LOTTERY! I have to do a lottery to know what price I pay, crazy!!! Italians are crazy for gambling. In the tabaks, there is always a queue for buying tickets, and a screen shows a... (continue)

Wednesday, 06.04.2011

Today not a lot of progress as I got a little ill. The sun must have been to much yesterday. I tested the treatment of all materials I have at hand: polyester resin, epoxi, and a two component putty. It is good to know how they behave before applying them.
Tomorrow my friend Benedek arrives. He will speed up the process I hope. In the morning I travel to Palermo and see whether the fittings are ready at Valentino, the... (continue)

Tuesday, 05.04.2011

The work started!!! I managed to remove the exhaust pipe from the bottom and cut out a piece from the air-inlet tunnel which was in way. I got really dirty, full of dust. Before I started the cutting at all, I prepared a bucket of water for shower, this proved to be a very good idea, having a shower after the cutting was more than necessary!
Then I started to cut the pieces for the well. I used paper for cutting models, it is very... (continue)

Monday, 04.04.2011

Today the harbor was closed. It is closed anyway, the pier has a major crack which is declared dangerous, so noone can pass. An official team arrived to inspect the harbor, and I was advised not to be on the boat during the day. So I went to Roberto's netcafé and surfed the net, for Swiss jobs, primarily. From May I'll be back in Basel hunting jobs.
I return in the evening. I can use my Zodiac tender to get in and out, the most important... (continue)

Sunday: Juve-Róma 2, 03.04.2011

No progress yet. I visited the boat fair again, to get the 'engine power declaration' for the Selva, and ask a few questions from Davide, the seller. Autonautica is a very kind team, I am grateful for the delivery, the nice attitude, the good price.
Being Sunday there were few trains, so it was already 6 pm by the time I got back to Cefalu. I will need some uninterrupted time to get into work. I like to work by having a 'flow', a... (continue)

Saturday, 02.04.2011

Dimentica: this is what I heard from Valentino, the inox master, in Palermo. This word I know very well from Italian pop songs, it means, 'to forget'. In a full week he has not even started with my inox fittings for the 2nd forestay. Brrr. I do not think I will have my fittings ready, at all. We agreed that next wednesday is the final deadline, then I have to go to Sardegna.
I bought the epoxi in Palermo, very important, it resists water,... (continue)

Friday, 01.04.2011

The morning I started to catch the train to Palermo but there is a strike. Tomorrow. There was not a lot of progress with the construction, I was measuring and thinking a lot, as I got down to the details. I realized I need more materials so purchased more plywood.
Today I started a diet, stop with the pizza and pasta, only grilled kalamari with cooked vegetables, and fruits. Need to drop about 10 kilos...
Still no yachts, but more... (continue)

Thursday, 31.03.2011

The morning I purchased the plywood, screws and other small pieces necessary for the work. I started with dismantling the rear cockpit locker's pieces. I removed the manual bilge pump and the leewagen. this latter I do not know yet where to put.
The construction will go in three stages. First I reinforce the rear cockpit locker's forward side with a thick plywood piece which goes down all the way to the bottom. This will actually hold the... (continue)

Wednesday, 30.03.2011

11 am the Selva arrived, Salve Selva! I tested the gasoline generator to make sure I have 220V for the tools. Then I set off to get some materials for the well-construction. I was lucky to find a local materials-shop where I made reservation for a sheet of 10mm plywood, tomorrow I'll take it away, and the project starts.
Position: Cefalú, Szicília 38 02.300N 014... (continue)

Tuesday, 29.03.2011

Cefalú is definitely much more pleasant during the week, i am glad the weekend traffic is over. Now it is calm and friendly, charming!
Found a new fishmarket, 12 eur for a kg of squid, 2,7 for my portion. The squid is definitely easier to prepare than the sepia or the totari, and there is more meat from it. I can't eat enough of fried squids!
Constantly I think about the well, how to make it in the rear cockpit locker. So far I... (continue)

Monday, 28.03.2011

The morning I visited the boat fair again and paid an advance for the Selva. Better than the bank transfer. The delivery will be on Wednesday. I do not do anything to the well until the engine arrives. Any mismeasurement is dramatic, I am literally cutting thru the hull, cannot do it twice.
Again I cooked seafood for lunch, this time totari (if I understood well), but could not identified it, it looks similar to calamari. One of this... (continue)

Sunday, 27.03.2011

In the morning I cleaned the boat, 4 days passed with focus on the engine resolution, it all went into chaos as I only returned to the boat to sleep. Now it is all in order and top clean. Again I used the hoover-converted blower, it is great fun to use!
I visited the lungomare, bought a cuttlefish for lunch, it had amazing amount of ink! I also bought new binoculars for 20, the current one is quite useless by now. It a smaller model, but... (continue)

Saturday, 26.03.2011

In the morning I visited the boat fair nearby. I am extremely lucky to have a boat fair just now, just here. I could see more than 4 different 8 hp outboards. The Selva had the best dimensions, the head of the engine must be as short as possible, there is not a lot of room in the cockpit and I do not want to cut the boat at too many places.
The engine can arrive thursday next week, until then I'll visit the fair again, take precise... (continue)

Friday, 25.03.2011

Today Palermo again. Tried to visit the nearby boat fair, but the train did not stop at my city so I continued to Palermo. Visited the Nautica Gentile, Honda dealers, very welcoming, friendly and helpful people. We clarified my order. Tomorrow if there is no other bargain at the boat fair, I transfer the payment, for the 8 HP Honda.
Also, I found an inox shop, where Valentino, a cheerful welding expert will help me to fix the fittings for... (continue)

Thursday, 24.03.2011

I traveled to Palermo by train to look for an engine. At one place I found a 10 years old, good condition engine, but I am afraid to take a used engine. I have no knowledge to them, so it will be no better than the Volvo once I'll hava a problem with it.
I try to go for a new one and build a well for it in the back of the cockpit so it can work as an internal engine.
Traveled Palermo back and forth, north to south, east to west all... (continue)

Wednesday, 23.03.2011

I left the strait between Lipari and Volcano island in sunset, it was breathtaking! This is a wonderland. The Volvo took us nicely all evening and night, until 1:30 am it stopped completely.
It could not crank and turn at all, then I waited two hours to cool down. Then it was turning but did not start.
At sunlight I checked whether there is air in the fuel system, but could not find anything. The Volvo never started again, this is... (continue)

Tuesday, 22.03.2011

Pignetaro is a really sweet place. Reminds me a lot to Greece. The harbor has no facilities (bath or WC) only electricity and water on the quay. So it is quite cheap (10 Euros for me per day), and the atmosphere is kind. There are a lot of local fisherman who are open , cheerful and direct, they arrange their nets during the morning.
I would like to stay longer, perhaps a few days more and climb the Stromboli..;o)
But the weather... (continue)

Monday, 21.03.2011

Today I visited the Volcano island. I climbed the 300 meters high crater in a real slow pace, my phisics is quite poor for climbing. I had the idea to take a ferry boat to the Stromboli and climb up to 900 meters, but now, having this little excursion I convinced myself that the Stromboli is now too high for me ;o). The Stromboli must be climbed with a guide, in a team, I do not want to delay anyone.
The crater is fantastic! There is no... (continue)

Sunday, 20.03.2011

I rented a sccoter for 15 euros and drove all around the island, it is fantastic. I was looking for a thermal spring, but it is the Volcano Island that has the hot springs, there I'll go tomorrow.
On the coast I found a lot of interesting stones, mostly obsidians. Obsidian is very common here, as well as pumice which is mined on an industrial scale and exported for the production of lighweight concrete.
Early afternoon I returned to... (continue)

Saturday, 19.03.2011

In the morning I tried to visit the Castello, but it is under renovation now. The sign says: "CASTELLO Arabo Normanno Svevo Aragonese Spagnolo, secolo X XVII.". there have been a lot of different people here during that sevenhundred years.
Motored all day against the northern 5-10 knots wind, it was on purpose to see what the Volvo can do with its new fuel-tank air-inlet. Well, so far so good, the RPM never fell this time, although it was a... (continue)

Friday, 18.03.2011

A day of rain and westerly gusts, I stay here. i do all things around the boat, reorganized the air-inlet for the fuel tank. I think it was jammed (the tube too long, making a loop downwards in the cockpit locker, and if there is fuel inside, it blocks the taking of air), this might be a reason for the Volvo stopping, the tank has so little pressure it holds back the fuel against the pump.
I also improvised a hoover by modifying the... (continue)

Thursday, 17.03.2011

It was wonderful sailing today. I set off at 9, the current in the strait was still southbound, so I headed close to the left shore, where it was managable. By noon I was up at the cape and headed west towards the Lipari.
The sun was shining so strong now, no clouds, real warm, and the breeze was coming gently from the north northeast, it just carried us so nicely westbound.
Arount 3 pm I listened to the VHF 68, it reported... (continue)

Wednesday, 16.03.2011

Most forecasts say the weather will be OK tomorrow. Hard to believe as I hear the rig crying, well, we'll see.
I filled up all stock, fuel and food, water, ready to go.
Position: Messina, Nettuno Marina 38 11.937N 015... (continue)

Tuesday, 15.03.2011

I found why the beautiful boulevards are in Messina. In 1908 a huge earthquake and tsunami destroyed the city completely, killink 60 000 people. After the devastation, the city was rebuilt according to the modern european city concepts, similar to Paris. I'll sail further on Thursday.
Position: Messina, Nettuno Marina 38 11.937N 015... (continue)

Monday, 14.03.2011

The barometer further drops. The reports say force 4-5, but I feel the same as when I arrived. Well, not constantly, but every hour there are a series of huge gusts.
Fixed my mobilenet card in the morning. The 10 euros I paid contained no recharge, it was just the SIM price. Now topped it up by 15 euros, valid for a month and can surf the net 100 hourd. Superb.
During the day I washed my clothes, and worked on my project back in... (continue)

Sunday, 13.03.2011

Rain and gale for today so I stay in Messina. During the day I helped Giacomo the harbormaster to fix a boat which torn its line. I also had to rearrange my own boat as the floating pontoon on which I was tied up, almost broke off in the big movements. Giacomo says it is nothing, sometimes the waves wash up high on the stone banks, brrrr.
However, a good occasion to look around in the city, it is really beautiful. Classic south Italian... (continue)

Saturday, 12.03.2011

The night passed without any major events as we motored along the coast, the Volvo did well. We had a helping current of 1 knots until Capo Spartivento where it changed to the contrary.
The southeast gradually picked up during the morning, so we could sail finally! By noon the predicted force 6 was at our back, sailing steadily northbound in the Strait of Messina. We crossed the traffic separation zones rather quickly and continued along... (continue)

Friday, 11.03.2011

There is an amazing effect of the separated engine control. We can maneuver in reverse!
I guess it is because of the low RPM. With the new setup (separate control for thrust, separate for prop pitch), I can leave the engine low RPM and turn the prop fully. Apparently the prop effect is minimal due to the low RPM, compared to the rev propulsion. I can steer enywhere I want!!!
Well, it was calm weather when I tried it, but I'll test... (continue)

Thursday, 10.03.2011

Beautiful sunshine in the morning and a light breeze, time to go!
Said goodbye to Luciano the harbor master and just in case noted his phone number - if I need to return to Badolato, I will first have to check whether the entrance is free.
Motored out from the harbor 10 am, and continued all way to Rocella with the Volvo, it was a test. Adjusting the thrust and the prop pitch separately paid off really well, I could fine tune both... (continue)

Wednesday, 09.03.2011

The excavator named Manitou started the work 9 in the morning. If its strength is like its name, there will be no problem I guess! Around lunchtime I walked out to see the progress, I was amazed: the was a complete channel digged in the sandbank!!!! Width about 7 meters, depth 3 meters, the entrance is free! So after this frustration there is a real chance for me to set off tomorrow!
The weather was really nice today, light wind, almost no... (continue)

Tuesday, 08.03.2011

I visited Rocella by train, to get on the internet and arrange a few things I could not postpone any longer. Badolato has no place where I can log on, Rocella has a wonderful pizzeria in the harbor. The weather is clear now, the north wind is still gusty force 6, so I will wait until Thursday to set off and come over to Rocella by boat. Until then, the wind will ease off and I can finish all work with the boat.
I refreshed the website of... (continue)

Monday, 07.03.2011

My first conversation in a week with Patrik, the owner of the Mercato (groceries) in town, he speaks French! I was very pleased to finally talk to someone, my Italian is 0, and locals would hardly speak any other language. He was very interested in sailing and how "I dare to do it", he is very afraid of the sea. He worked a few years in St Tropez, and picked up French pretty well.
Huge gale in the harbor, I had the feeling it would tear... (continue)

Sunday, 06.03.2011

The rain is gone at least, but it is still quite cold in the night, I am running a small electric heating unit from shore power.
During the day I finished rearranging cables inside the cabin, it now looks much more civilized!
The forecast is now full with 8s and 9s, so still a few days to wait. I enjoy a lot just being on the boat and working on small things, improving this and that.
It is very early in the season, at some parts... (continue)

Saturday, 05.03.2011

The weather still sucks, rain, thunder, I keep working on the boat. The engine now has a 2nd control for the thrust, next to the propeller pitch. It looks very promising. For the moment I have no chance to test it, the south wind breaks huge waves at the harbor entrance, impossible to get out. Need to wait for the wind to turn north.
I managed to rearrange most of the cabling inside the boat, mostly the radar cable, it was a huge mess. I... (continue)

Friday, 04.03.2011

A warm front is passing by, raining heavily, I remained in the cabin all day. The afternoon I tried to make HAM connections on the 7,10,14 Mhz bands. The current vertical whip antenna cannot be used for 7 M. Although I managed to connect to a HAM operator in Brindisi, 300 miles east, and my signal was very-very bad, he could hardly read me. Later in the evening I fabricated a dipole antenna for 7 M and managed to reach an operator in... (continue)

Thursday, 03.03.2011

Today I got dirty. The Volvo had to get some grease into the combi drive, this was missed last autumn. A lot of grease everywhere...
Tomorrow I'll need to wash the cooling water tunnels inside the engine, I suspect there is some silt inside and the loss of power comes from local overheating. And there is more to do: I want to install a second control lever to the engine, one will remain for the propeller blades pitch, but a second will... (continue)

Wednesday, 02.03.2011

I arrived to Badolato Tuesday evening to meet the boat and the feel the spring. It is 26 degrees inside the boat during the day, fantastic. It is still snowing back in Budapest, we had a long and cold winter. Must me something with the Gulf stream...
There is no definitive plan for the moment. I must keep the Volvo running, so there will be some modifications and testing and then we'll see. For March and April I have no projects back home... (continue)

Thursday, 30.09.2010

Well, it is time for me to leave. I am kindof sad, the trip is over, the engine is down and I need to find a job in Switzerland. I follow Emese my girlfriend who starts working in Basel as of tomorrow. Who knows when I'll be able to return here, and what to do with the Volvo?
Pali, the Lord of Gadgets made a try with the tillerpilot which was broken since I used it this summer on another boat at Balaton. He took it apart and fixed it in... (continue)

Tuesday, 28.09.2010

It is our last leg to Badolato, 17 miles northeast. Backwards. In Rocella we spent the morning with buying train and flight tickets, the game is over, need to go home. It was noon when we set off.
There was a ball in my stomach bacause of the engine. Shall we make it even to Badolato if there is a calm? And there was a calm. But the Volvo run nicely this time, although there were two occasions during the trip when the RPM fell again but... (continue)

Monday, 27.09.2010

Today I decided that the journey should stop. The engine caused me so much pain during the years that it must be replaced. It is not safe to sail along with an unreliable engine which can die any time. I do not have much time left for vacation anyway, so there is no point to stretch ourselves.
In Rocella there is no possibilty to leave the boat but we were advised to check a place called Badolato, some 15 miles northeast on the... (continue)

Sunday, 26.09.2010

Saturday we were waiting. It blows heavily from the south, cannot go. There are a few other boats wating with us, like a Lagoon catamaran with French crew who visit the pier every hour to check the wind and the waves.
By Sunday morning the wind dropped and turned west. It was rather a breeze actually, but could sail well. We left Rocella and headed for Siracusa, Sicily.
After two hours the wind dropped completely so we started... (continue)

Friday, 24.09.2010

We spent the day in Rocella, walking around, eating Pizza, doing internet in the harbor restaurant. There is strong southernly winds prediced, over 30 knots we have no chance to beat against it.
Position: Rocella Ionica 38 19.711N 016... (continue)

Thursday, 23.09.2010

Our night was quiet and without any major event as we were motoring without wind, through the Bay of Taranto. Right after the night fell we could see the lights of the coast over at the other side, Crotone. I sailed the same route with Emese four years ago and visited Crotone a lively south Italian city. Alex also has some memories from Crotone, he was a merchant marine when their boat sheltered there, in a storm.
I handed over my watch 4... (continue)

Wednesday, 22.09.2010

This was a top day! The guys prepare an official shipslog, where all nautical data is recorded, every two hours. Wind force and direction, visibility, speed, course, sail changes, position. We introduced a new parameter, crew spirit. Today it was 10!
I was a bit nervous abot Italian military activities. Four years ago I met a navy submarine not far from here, in the middle of the night. It was a bit scary as it shot a blue flare high... (continue)

Tuesday, 21.09.2010

We left Bari at 11 after refilling water and provisions (mainly beers). Depending on the weather we are ready again to sail 2 or 3 days. First time during the trip I could use the HF radio to send and receive emails via the amateur radio network Winlink. i could also retrieve grib files which show us the wind situation in our region graphically, for up to seven days. Quite useful! It shows that the wind remains northernly, and somewhat easing... (continue)

Monday, 20.09.2010

Before the full night came over us, we put two reefs in the main, to avoid some surprises, be ready if the wind further increases. There is a point when the wind increases from the back, it pushes the mainsail against the mast, the spreaders and the shrouds, that we cannot pull it down at all, unless we sail to the wind. This I hate a lot, the boat starts to dance like a crazy bull, and the sheets are flapping so much, they can easily be torn.... (continue)

Sunday, 19.09.2010

We started the crossing to Italy today. There were some preparations in the morinng, testing the engine, filling up the watertank, checking the equipment and the food provisions. We do not know at which Italian harbor we stop first, if the northwind lasts we may continue further around the southeast tip of the Italian peninsula, perhaps 2-3 days sailing non-stop. We'll see.
During the morning hours it was still southwind and we were... (continue)

Saturday, 18.09.2010

First thing in the morning we pulled the anchor and moored to the quay. It is quite nice that in many Croatian harbors we find mooring lines. In the old days back in 1995 we did not have these, at all times we layed an anchor and moored stern-to at the quay. In Greece this is the method still today. With the Glatisant it is a bit harder to do it because we have very bad maneuveribility in reverse (due to the prop and rudder layout). So I never... (continue)

Friday, 17.09.2010

Today's target is Vis island. It is a typical starting point for crossings to the Italian coast. It is going to be long, 44 miles against the wind, there is no chance we get to Vis in daylight.
We sail long tacks and it is mostly the guys being at the helm. Well, actually they just superwise what the windvane is doing, as it is doing its best when sailing close hauled, so it is quite comfortable. Every now and then we let out a reefline... (continue)

Thursday, 16.09.2010

Southeast wind. As we motored out from Telascica we realized that today is going to be a day of tacking close hauled, heading south. We sailed long tacks and could not sail sharp, perhaps 110-120 degrees instead of 90, but progress was OK. We could not yet tune the tension of the rig, so it was a good occasion to adjust the shrouds on the lee side.
We kept sailing until sunset and reached Zirje island where we picked a bay on the north... (continue)

Wednesday, 15.09.2010

This morning I started at the internet cafe. I have a Usb2Serial for connecting the HF radio modem and the laptop. Since the last sailing trip three years ago I have a new laptop and this does not have a driver installed for this cable. I called Emese to look in my CD-s back home and send the driver install thru the net. Success!
Then we filled up the stocks on the boat, water, food, fuel. Ready to go.
Right at the start there was... (continue)

Tuesday, 14.09.2010

Last night at the restaurant we made and agreement that there will be no hurry. IF needed we wait for the good weather, and we fix whatever is needed on the boat before we sail out. So today was for preparations. A long list, with things like sealing the exhaust pipe, replacing lines, installing the liferaft console, tuning the rig, readjusting the sprayhood frame, etc.
Magic materials include epoxi and sikaflex.
By evening we... (continue)

Monday, 13.09.2010

Today I have new camarades arrived so solo sailing is over.
I pulled the anchor early in the morning. Motoring, as the breeze is just not enough. We passed Ilovik, a beautiful scene of my chartering days. The Volvo is still under test. It brought me nicely so far, making 5, or over 5 knots on calm water. But today it gave me a surprise. I was running it hard to test its reliability, close to 6 knots which is kindof limit. So it must have... (continue)

Sunday, 12.09.2010

I left Pula 10 am. There was a lovely wind. Leaving the southern tip of the Istria, the Kvarner waited for me with a perfect force 4-5, so we were flying. Two reefs in the main and the jib carried us over 5 knots almost all the way to Losinj. There was not a lot for me to do as the Bauvaan vane did the helm, so I could enjoy just looking around, checking this and that on the boat. Windvanes are superb gadgets. I finally dropped anchor in a bay... (continue)

Saturday, 11.09.2010

Our original plan was to sail together to Split, but the preparations took real long and we did not progress very well on the cruising, so Pula will be a place for us to say goodbye. We had a nice sailing during the day (and we were wondering where the gale was) until finaly 5 miles north from Pula we got the strong winds from the shore. It did not last more than an hour, but it was a bit scary for Emese I think. Then we moored at Pula without a... (continue)

Friday, 10.09.2010

We had a quiet night on the buoy. The morning we arranged the entry formalities, Umag is an official port of entry in Croatia. The cruising permit for one year for the Vega costs 955 kuna, plus we payed 300 kunas tourist tax for two weeks (planned duration to sail in croatia). We originally planned to sail to Porec or Rovinj but during the day a gale warning came on the VHF. I had no idea when it'll come and I have no other meteo info, so better... (continue)

Thursday, 09.09.2010

It is now Thursday when we set off, so 3 days passed with all the preparation. Luckily it was all South wind during the days, so I was not so eager to leave. Emese my girlfriend is with me. It is always beautiful to sail together. She likes to be on the boat a lot, enjoys this mini universe, handles the boat as a household. However, she is rather shy to take the helm so leaves everything to me. So I do the boat handling, she does the household.... (continue)

Wednesday, 08.09.2010

The trailer went OK, I was worried quite a lot. When I purchased the boat in 2005, a trailer picked it up in Lelystad, The Netherlands. It was a new trailer apparently not yet tested and its legs weren't secured properly, the boat almost fell off. This time a more professional team did the job. They left Szentendre (my home, north from Budapest) at noon and by 9 the trailer arrived to Koper. We organized the launch for Monday. And there is an... (continue)

Saturday, 04.09.2010

After 3 years ashore and a major refit (mainly cosmetics), the Glatisant goes to the sea again, this time on trailer, to Koper, Slovenia.
Position: Koper, 45 33.014N 013... (continue)

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