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Saturday, 23.04.2011

The shipslog is coming to its end, I stop the journey. Regular kind readers, if you are interested to know when the next adventure starts (and the next shipslog), I can notify you in email, if you wish. For this, please send me an email to this address: 'glatisant (at) glatisant dot hu', with a subject 'shipslog'. So when another sailing journey and the blog restarts, I will send out an email about it. And thank you for the kind

Now, until I arrange the storage and fly home, I will not write any more. There will be a final post, to tell where the boat found its new base, but until then 'shipslog seelance'.
For the moment I have no idea when I will continue. If everything goes perfect at home, it can be end of summer to set sail (and Selva!) again. Otherwise next April, and the meantime I will sail Sardegna and Corsica for a few weeks.
So for the moment, Happy Easter Holidays!
Position: Villasimius, Szardínia 39 07.164N 009 30.503E

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This is a sailing blog. My name is Máté, I am a Hungarian sailor. Since 2006, as my time and money allows, I engage in cruising adventures on the waters of Europe, with my small boat, the Glatisant. This site is about these journeys.
I hope You will enjoy looking around on my website.

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