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Thursday, 21.04.2011

Wednesday evening I heard the new forecast on VHF, southeast 4 and then 7. The 7 I did not like that much, but at least it carries me quick to the destination.
The night passed calmly, the breeze and the Selva made us progress over 5 knots. Then in the morning the wind arrived. First I stopped the engine and used only the sails, then I lowered the main, used only the jib, finally I changed it to the stormjib.
By 10 in the morning

it was a force 6 and the sea built to over 2 metres.
Later in the afternoon it reached force 7 and the waves grew over 3 metres. It is quiet an interesting feeling to sail these waves with an 8 meter boat. Intentionally I slowed the boat so she does not start surfing on the waves. This method has a big advantage, the movement of the boat remains very modest and I can leave on the tillerpilot. I did not try the wind-vane today.
Altogether it was a good run, the boat behaved better than I expected. I think slowing her down to 4 knots had a very useful effect, it largely increased security. Ok, my goal for the day was to reach port before sunset, and this speed was OK for this purpose. If there had been any time pressure, I surely would have pushed the boat harder.
7 pm I reached Villasimius marina.
Walking on the ground I had a strange feeling, i lost my sense for balance could not walk all straight. then in the marina office I had to ask a cup of water, i thought I would faint. But there was nothing with my blood pressure, my sense for balance just mixed up so much, the entire room was rolling with me.- And this only after 1 day of high seas sailing. What if I sailed several weeks?
The little sailing creature I have seen yesterday is a "Velella velella", a sailing jellyfish, and not a single animal, but a colony, every part of it has its special role.
Tomorrow I stay here and look around. Originally I did not know that a marina is here, so maybe I will store that boat here. Otherwise as the weather improves I sail on to Cagliari, it is likely that that will be the end station for the moment.
Position: Villasimius, Szardínia 39 07.164N 009 30.503E

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