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Tuesday, 19.04.2011

This morning it was wonderful sailing weather. I sailed all the way until Trapani. Then the wind eased and I started the Selva.
By 5 in the afternoon I arrived to Favignana. The island is really charming. There is no fancy feeling here, all is very friendly and human. It has a special style.
Right after arrival I procured fuel to fill up my stocks for the crossing and looked around. the forecast says southeasterly winds for the

rest of the week, which is ideal. However, I have enough fuel to motor all the way to Sardegne.
The plan is to stay here for tomorrow and look around. If all goes well, I depart thursday morning.
One of the buildings in the harbor has the name of S.Antonino, and I saw this name on a fighing boat too. I think it is clear, how my dude, Antonino got his name from his parents (I am not sure if his father or mother was born on the island, but the grandmother still lives here).
Position: Favignana, Szicília 37 55.978N 012 19.444E

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