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Wednesday, 20.04.2011

Woke up early in the morning and checked the meteo. I changed the plan immediately, I must go now! A cold front appeared over the Iberian peninsula, I must get to Sardegne before it would come closer. And the wind forecast is ideal also. Anyway, I could not look around in Favignana too much relaxed, my thoughts would be around the crossing, i guess. Better to leave now.
Therefore at 8 I dropped the lines and set off.
The wind was

easterly and weak all morning so we motored. Then it picked up a bit and I raised the sails. Later i could stop the engine for a while, but not so long as the wind eased again. I do not want the boat to run less than 4 knots, as I need to get across by tomorrow evening. I want to avoid sleeping during the passage.
Early afternoon I received six dolphins visiting us, they played around the bow, it was really very amusing and beautiful as they swam underneath and jumped. It has been long since I saw dolphins the last time.
Then I managed to pick out a small sailing creature from the water. It is about 2 inches long, have a blue swimming body like a shell, a small transparent sail on the top and legs underneath, very interesting!
As I write these lines it is 7 pm, we covered 54 miles and there is 95 to go.
Position: Úton Szardínia felé 38 22.973N 011 18.409E

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