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Monday, 18.04.2011

I progressed a little today to 10 San Vito Lo Capo, 10 miles away. We visited the place with Benedek previously by car, that time i looked into the price list of one of the pontoons (3 sailing clubs in the bay) and I saw a shocking 50 euros daily fee. Therefore this time I headed towards the other club, and here I payed only 15, very lucky!
San Vito Lo Capo has a very different atmosphere, the whole place is flat and sandy, there is a

large beach, ideal for big family vacations, but nothing present from the antique mood of Cefalú or Castellammare.
I walked around to find a pizza takeaway but I found mostly restaurants, so I returned to the boat and cooked a fine onion-pasta.
The Grey Bear with Damiano and Bruno is already on her way to Sardegne, but for me crossing from Castellammare is just to long to do it alone (more than two daytime and one night shifts, which is my limit). Therefore tomorrow I sail to Favignana island, which is closer to Sardegne. This is the island also, where Antonino's (my volcano climbing dude) grandmother lives.
Position: San Vito Lo Capo, Szicília 38 10.895N 012 43.981E

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