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Sunday, 17.04.2011

Continued my home-based work and finished it as promised. I replaced the oil in the Selva, as specified in its manual, after the first 10 hours of use.
During the day I met Damiano, owner of the Grey Bear. As I learned, the Grey Bear is one of the 3 T-Boat-s, designed and built by Ernesto Tross, a legendary Italian traveller, adventurer, designer and artist.
I have found an article on the building of the White Bear, which we have

seen in Rocella Ionica. Translating from italian to English, by using Google, gives some idea about the construction process, but the pictures are also wevy interesting. the translated article opens from here.. The original Italian article opens from here..
Position: Castellammare del Golfo, Szicília 38 01.960N 012 52.671E

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This is a sailing blog. My name is Máté, I am a Hungarian sailor. Since 2006, as my time and money allows, I engage in cruising adventures on the waters of Europe, with my small boat, the Glatisant. This site is about these journeys.
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