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Thursday, 14.04.2011

Benedek flies home tomorrow. In the local autorent we found a Panda for 30 per day, so we took it. I can drive Benedek to the airport tomorrow morning (by 5:30!) and today we can drive around a bit. I have work to do for one of my home-based projects so I stop until Monday.
We started in Scopello, a tuna fishing harbor and warehouse. The anchor of the old boats are still here, the old building serves as an antique-styled little hotel. The

entire place is very charming.
From here we drove to the airport to check the flight for Benedek. Trapani being the main base for the Lybian military operations, the civil airport was closed for a few days. Now, some flights depart from Palermo. Benedek's flight leaves from here, it is OK!
Then we visited Segesta an ancient hill-castle, greek temple and theatre. The scenery with these ancient buildings is really magnificent!
On the way back to Castellammare we found a thermal bath where locals spent their afternoon. The 38 degrees water was really pleasant, the water arrives in a small creek.
We have a slight suspicion that people regard us as a male couple on a honeymoon......! Quite embarrassing but cannot do much about it, I am afraid! True that not a lot of man couples walk the old ruins and visit thermal bath. How would they know that we are actually sailors?
Tomorrow 4:30 very tough wake-up time...
Position: Castellammare del Golfo, Szicília 38 01.960N 012 52.671E

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