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Tuesday, 05.04.2011

The work started!!! I managed to remove the exhaust pipe from the bottom and cut out a piece from the air-inlet tunnel which was in way. I got really dirty, full of dust. Before I started the cutting at all, I prepared a bucket of water for shower, this proved to be a very good idea, having a shower after the cutting was more than necessary!
Then I started to cut the pieces for the well. I used paper for cutting models, it is very

important that the sides of the well will fit precisely to the hull, so better to try the dimensions with paper, first.
By the end of the day I prepared the major piece (which will actually hold the engine) and the sides of the well. Tomorrow I will screw and glue them together maybe I'll start to laminate the well into the bottom.
This is the first (and lower) part of the well, reaching 18 centimeters above the waterline (which I measured and marked precisely). Once it is fit in, the bottom of the hull will be cut out. For this I want to raise the back of the boat, so that the cutting surface will be dry first and I can treat it with epoxy. If this doesn't succeed, the cut surface will not be treated for a few weeks until I reach my next storage harbor where the boat will be put to shore. In this case the fiberglass and polyester along the cut will absorb some seawater, which is not the best, but no better option I am afraid.
Once the hole is cut, I can try in the engine, then finish the upper part of the well.
Position: Cefalú, Szicília 38 02.300N 014 01.996E

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