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Sunday: Juve-Róma 2, 03.04.2011

No progress yet. I visited the boat fair again, to get the 'engine power declaration' for the Selva, and ask a few questions from Davide, the seller. Autonautica is a very kind team, I am grateful for the delivery, the nice attitude, the good price.
Being Sunday there were few trains, so it was already 6 pm by the time I got back to Cefalu. I will need some uninterrupted time to get into work. I like to work by having a 'flow', a

psychological state identified by Hungarian professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. So tomorrow I fill up the stocks in the morning, for a few days I will not be able to leave the boat, as I'll have all tools and materials around, this place has no surveillance at all. Then I hope the flow will come and I solve the problem of the well nicely.
I wait for my friend Benedek who arrives on Thursday. I will be here for two weeks by then, time to set off again.
Position: Cefalú, Szicília 38 02.300N 014 01.996E

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This is a sailing blog. My name is Máté, I am a Hungarian sailor. Since 2006, as my time and money allows, I engage in cruising adventures on the waters of Europe, with my small boat, the Glatisant. This site is about these journeys.
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