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Sunday, 27.03.2011

In the morning I cleaned the boat, 4 days passed with focus on the engine resolution, it all went into chaos as I only returned to the boat to sleep. Now it is all in order and top clean. Again I used the hoover-converted blower, it is great fun to use!
I visited the lungomare, bought a cuttlefish for lunch, it had amazing amount of ink! I also bought new binoculars for 20, the current one is quite useless by now. It a smaller model, but

more solid construction.
In the afternoon I climbed the castello, 200 meters high, the view was amazing from the top.
Cefalú has wonderful buildings and streets, but the tourist crowd in unbearable. Noone walks here casual, people dress stylish, eat out in fancy restaurants and jewellery, trendy fashion shops dominate. Well, souvenir shops are nice though.
Friday night fashion company Silvian Heach opened a shop, celebrated with 500 decibel techno shaking the 500 year old buildings 100 meters away, with models and photographers inside and outside. Well to tell the truth it was a deeply disgusting event, in the middle of this fine medieval environment. F..k off syle-industry. Well, this is also part of Cefalú, tourism targets the rich, who come here to have finest enjoyment of food, wine, jewelery and clothes, can't do much about it. Good if they can park the Ferrari safe. The city must be really charming in winter, I believe.
The harbor has a different ambiance, the port where I moor has no owner apparently, it is kindof closed, welded around with steel-grids, only a small hole to climb thru, but I am glad I can stay here for free. the fisherman are nice and friendly. I am glad they have a good market for their fish - endless people eat the fruits-de-mer in all these restaurants, so a good side of this high-end tourist resort.
There is another harbour in the bay, apparently operating and full - must be a paying port - but I am ok in this deserted place, I could not move over anyway, without engine. Water I can bring from further away, and 220V for my tools arrive from my portable benzine-generator.
Position: Cefalú, Szicília 38 02.300N 014 01.996E

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