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Tuesday, 22.03.2011

Pignetaro is a really sweet place. Reminds me a lot to Greece. The harbor has no facilities (bath or WC) only electricity and water on the quay. So it is quite cheap (10 Euros for me per day), and the atmosphere is kind. There are a lot of local fisherman who are open , cheerful and direct, they arrange their nets during the morning.
I would like to stay longer, perhaps a few days more and climb the Stromboli..;o)
But the weather

is perfect, it is the first long, sunny period in this spring, I must use it and sail.
I refilled my stocks, slept 2 hours in the afternoon to charge up for the night watch.
At 5 pm I cranked the Volvo, dropped the lines and set off to Palermo.
Position: Pignataro, Lipari 38 28.660N 014 57.780E

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