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Saturday, 19.03.2011

In the morning I tried to visit the Castello, but it is under renovation now. The sign says: "CASTELLO Arabo Normanno Svevo Aragonese Spagnolo, secolo X XVII.". there have been a lot of different people here during that sevenhundred years.
Motored all day against the northern 5-10 knots wind, it was on purpose to see what the Volvo can do with its new fuel-tank air-inlet. Well, so far so good, the RPM never fell this time, although it was a

hard run for her. Maybe ....?
It is the first time for me in the Aeolian, the land of Volcanos. The Stromboli is the most intensive, in the night one can see the red glare on the top, during the day there is smoke leaving the top, all the time. However, it is not possible to moor at the Stromboli. The Volcano island is also active. North from it is the Lipari, the largest island. Based on the recommendation from a neighbor boat in Messina, I headed to Lipari island, port Pignataro.
I already have a very sweet feeling to be on an island again. Small islands are warm, friendly, human. Compared to this, the continent always feel rough, empty, noisy, unfriendly. It has been a long time since my last island in Croatia, Vis.
Position: Pignataro, Lipari 38 28.660N 014 57.780E

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