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Sunday, 13.03.2011

Rain and gale for today so I stay in Messina. During the day I helped Giacomo the harbormaster to fix a boat which torn its line. I also had to rearrange my own boat as the floating pontoon on which I was tied up, almost broke off in the big movements. Giacomo says it is nothing, sometimes the waves wash up high on the stone banks, brrrr.
However, a good occasion to look around in the city, it is really beautiful. Classic south Italian

buildings, but what surprised me a lot is the wide boulevards, where I felt a little Paris atmosphere while walking along. I also visited the wonderful Dome.
Had a nice cake in a Pasticceria and a kebab at a small bufet.
Returning to the port I met Giacomo again, we smoked a cigar and talked about the harbor. He says it is impossible to build a breakwater as the depth is 36 meters, but they will expand the marina in a few years, the project is under preparation.
The evening I was looking where to go next, the Lipari islands, or Palermo, or both, we'll see. Tomorrow I'll still stay here.
Position: Messina, Nettuno Marina 38 11.937N 015 33.531E

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