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Wednesday, 09.03.2011

The excavator named Manitou started the work 9 in the morning. If its strength is like its name, there will be no problem I guess! Around lunchtime I walked out to see the progress, I was amazed: the was a complete channel digged in the sandbank!!!! Width about 7 meters, depth 3 meters, the entrance is free! So after this frustration there is a real chance for me to set off tomorrow!
The weather was really nice today, light wind, almost no

clouds, sunshine, I am ready to go!
I continued to do small improvements on the boat, and washed the inside of the engine (cooling channels). I could not penetrate inside enough, and there was limited silt to come out, but we'll see, maybe it will still help.
I also improved the charge controller of the solar panel. Added another connector beneath, so I can easily chose which battery to charge (service or engine starter). Previously I had to raise the carpet on the floor and play around with the battery connectors in the battery compartment, under the floor. Now, it is much more convenient. Small improvements make the sailor happy!
As a farewell act I visited Patrik in the Mercato and bought a big pile of groceries. They were really very heavy but my folding bike did the job quite nicely! A new starter battery for the engine was also purchased at the local car-mechanic (who is also sailing), the old was quite useless by now.
The evening was for playing with the radio again. I improved my new dipole antenna for 7 mega, and managed to reach operators in Amsterdam, London, Warsav and Stavropol, good job! These people are delighted to talk to a "Maritime Mobile" (I have to announce that I am mobile station), I am happy to please them! Sad enough, that no Winlink stations are reachable on 7 M, but maybe later...
Tomorrow, we'll be sailing!!!!
Position: Badolato 38 35.450N 016 34.084E

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