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Sunday, 26.09.2010

Saturday we were waiting. It blows heavily from the south, cannot go. There are a few other boats wating with us, like a Lagoon catamaran with French crew who visit the pier every hour to check the wind and the waves.
By Sunday morning the wind dropped and turned west. It was rather a breeze actually, but could sail well. We left Rocella and headed for Siracusa, Sicily.
After two hours the wind dropped completely so we started

the engine. It looked OK, we trusted the Volvo quite a lot as it run 28 hours before reaching Rocella. But then things turned into a drama.
There were many times during the trip when the RPM fell and I had no clue why this happened. Normally I turned the blades of the prop which eased the force on the shaft and the engine and it continued OK. And now, it happened again. But now, it stopped completely. There was a big silence all around and we had no engine. The boat slowly lost its speed.
I checked underwater if there is any rope or something but nothing. Then I tryed to crank but it didn't move at all. I raised the decompression lever and cranked by hand, no move. It is stuck.
We sailed back to Rocella with easy and then increasing winds. At the harbor entrance I cranked the Volvo again and it got working. We could do the mooring manouver.
It is great pain, I worked a lot on the engine, rebuilt the combi entirely, but did not touch the inside of the engine at all. I suspect there must be some dirt inside the cooling channels, jamming the water flow in the engine body, causing some overheat at certain places.
We either fix it or stop the journey.
Position: Rocella Ionica 38 19.711N 016 26.167E

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