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Thursday, 23.09.2010

Our night was quiet and without any major event as we were motoring without wind, through the Bay of Taranto. Right after the night fell we could see the lights of the coast over at the other side, Crotone. I sailed the same route with Emese four years ago and visited Crotone a lively south Italian city. Alex also has some memories from Crotone, he was a merchant marine when their boat sheltered there, in a storm.
I handed over my watch 4

am. My system must be adjusting as I did not feel sleepy at all. I was about to drink a whisky before going to bed when Alex shouted 'come out, look!'.
It did not look right as a strong reflector beamed down on us, from some 200 meters away. For a second I thought we would be run down by a cargo ship, but slowly it turned out that an Italian coast guard ship (looked like a warship) was chasing us in the middle of the night. It did not carry any navigational lights, so it appeared from nothing.
I called them on VHF 16 to find out what they want but there was no answer. Then they came close and shouted over to stop us. Then they steered real close, lowered some fenders and throw some lines over. The sea was calm but still we had quite some movement and I was worried a bit that something will be broken.
Two coastguards jumped over, they checked our documents and searched the boat. I guess illegal people smuggling from African countried must be frequent on these waters, so we were suspects. They left after some 10 minutes.
Early afternoon we reached Rocella Ionica, the last harbor before Sicily. We covered over 250 miles in two and a half days, we are satisfied.
We decided to stop in Rocella to have a good night sleep and enjoy shorelife in general.
Position: Rocella Ionica 38 19.711N 016 26.167E

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