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Tuesday, 21.09.2010

We left Bari at 11 after refilling water and provisions (mainly beers). Depending on the weather we are ready again to sail 2 or 3 days. First time during the trip I could use the HF radio to send and receive emails via the amateur radio network Winlink. i could also retrieve grib files which show us the wind situation in our region graphically, for up to seven days. Quite useful! It shows that the wind remains northernly, and somewhat easing

today and tomorrow. Good for us.
The night was more pleasant than the previous sailing night, the wind was moderate and very steady, allowing us to make 5.5-6 knots with no big hassle and the seas were easier too. The big thing this night was ship traffic. We followed the route of most passenger and cargo ships so every half an hour we had one passing 1-2 miles near us, sometimes only half mile away. This was a bit tiring, but after all, it was a very good night sailing. I was listening Italian pop with my headset, it was really entertaining!
By the morning we covered the distance to the southeast tip and we were approaching Leuca, a harbor I visited four years ago. Unfortunately by this time the wind dropped completely and we had to start the engine.
Position: Csizma sarka 40 06.679N 018 33.282E

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