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Monday, 13.09.2010

Today I have new camarades arrived so solo sailing is over.
I pulled the anchor early in the morning. Motoring, as the breeze is just not enough. We passed Ilovik, a beautiful scene of my chartering days. The Volvo is still under test. It brought me nicely so far, making 5, or over 5 knots on calm water. But today it gave me a surprise. I was running it hard to test its reliability, close to 6 knots which is kindof limit. So it must have

been tired by the end, so suddenly some wierd noise came from below the cocpit and the RPM fell. I turned the Volvo off immediately. The temperature was OK (70 degrees) but there may be some local overheating. 3 years ago the heat exchanger was removed before I motored home from Marseille.
At home I washed the inside of the block to remove all silt, but it may have not been perfect. Who knows.
Too bad that the starter battery was not charged fully (I have to solar charge it because the dynastarted does not charge) and manual cranking did not help.
I put on the solar panel and charged it 2 hours. Some 5-6 amps went in I guess and having the engine cooled, it started well.
I eased the load on the engine and made only 4-5 knots. This way I reached Zadar without any problem, where my fellow sailors, Alex and Pali were waiting for me.
Meeting them was a great excitement, we will sail southbound to Italy and there is a lot of work still to do on the boat. We had an amazing dinner near the harbor, at Marco Polo, fried calamaries, hmmmm.
Position: Zadar 44 07.185N 015 13.769E

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