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I was born in 1974, and first sailed at the age of 14. I earned my degree in marine shipping at Széchenyi István College, Győr, in 1995.The same year I worked as a sailing charter skipper at the Adriatic sea.
The following years passed for me working ashore, becoming a professional in data mining, business data analysis and analytical system building - a work very interesting to me.
Sailing continued to be my great passion.
Since 2005 I own my own sailing boat, the Glatisant. Whenever time and money allow I engage in long sailing adventures.
A Danish traveler once advised me: you rather have a modest equpment, but make a long journey.

Greetings, Visitor!

This is a sailing blog. My name is Máté, I am a Hungarian sailor. Since 2006, as my time and money allows, I engage in cruising adventures on the waters of Europe, with my small boat, the Glatisant. This site is about these journeys.
I hope You will enjoy looking around on my website.

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