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Spring at the Med (12-03-2011)

Sunday, 01.05.2011

Parked the boat in Cagliari, Marina di Sant'Elmo. The cold front, which I was afraid of before the crossing, arrived just one day after my arrival. It stayed for a few days. Then, the weather cleared and I made my final leg to Cagliari, in fresh force 5 eastern wind, a beautiful end.
The harbor is getting to be full of life it is season now. Fair winds!
I now go, there are things to do at home. My little blue can have a rest... (continue)

Saturday, 23.04.2011

The shipslog is coming to its end, I stop the journey. Regular kind readers, if you are interested to know when the next adventure starts (and the next shipslog), I can notify you in email, if you wish. For this, please send me an email to this address: 'glatisant (at) glatisant dot hu', with a subject 'shipslog'. So when another sailing journey and the blog restarts, I will send out an email about it. And thank you for the kind... (continue)

Friday, 22.04.2011

Villasimius is a huge Holiday resort, with less historic parts, mostly new apartmenent and business buildings. The main attractions here are the beaches, in summer it is crowded with a lot of tourists. The atmosphere of the city is based on this effect, there is really little charm, but a lot of trendy shops all around, well, not my world, this time.
The marina is a sad place, huge, a lot of luxury yachts, and the sailing people here,... (continue)

Thursday, 21.04.2011

Wednesday evening I heard the new forecast on VHF, southeast 4 and then 7. The 7 I did not like that much, but at least it carries me quick to the destination.
The night passed calmly, the breeze and the Selva made us progress over 5 knots. Then in the morning the wind arrived. First I stopped the engine and used only the sails, then I lowered the main, used only the jib, finally I changed it to the stormjib.
By 10 in the morning... (continue)

Wednesday, 20.04.2011

Woke up early in the morning and checked the meteo. I changed the plan immediately, I must go now! A cold front appeared over the Iberian peninsula, I must get to Sardegne before it would come closer. And the wind forecast is ideal also. Anyway, I could not look around in Favignana too much relaxed, my thoughts would be around the crossing, i guess. Better to leave now.
Therefore at 8 I dropped the lines and set off.
The wind was... (continue)

Tuesday, 19.04.2011

This morning it was wonderful sailing weather. I sailed all the way until Trapani. Then the wind eased and I started the Selva.
By 5 in the afternoon I arrived to Favignana. The island is really charming. There is no fancy feeling here, all is very friendly and human. It has a special style.
Right after arrival I procured fuel to fill up my stocks for the crossing and looked around. the forecast says southeasterly winds for the... (continue)

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